Hiking Panorama Ridge

Another weekend, another squad hike! This weekend we tackled Panorama Ridge on Garibaldi, and it was a doozy!

The hike officially starts at the parking lot, but we arrived a little later than planned and had to park 20 minutes down the road from the trail head. And when I say down, I mean down! Our hike started with a warm up hike as we hoofed it up the hill to the main lot. Then we kept going up! It’s switchback after switchback. Another hiker told us he had counted once, and there are over twenty of them. We tried to keep count but kept getting distracted and losing track.

Just when you think they’ll never end, they do! And you arrive at a junction point with a two trail options. Head one way and you’ll soon be at Garibaldi Lake (a pristine jewel that is not to be missed!) or head down the other trail, and make your way to Panorama Ridge through Taylor Meadows. We were on a quest to reach the ridge top, so thats where we went!

Taylor Meadows was like walking in a dream after all the switchbacks. It’s lush and beautiful and most importantly, flat! It’s got gorgeous flowers and small bubbling streams and an exciting view of Black Tusk. It’s an ecologically sensitive area though, so make sure you stay on the trails and boardwalks.

The Taylor Meadow trail wove its way to the base of a steep incline, and then seemed to make its way.. straight up it? Honestly my friends were filled with dread at the sight of it. The ridge is snowy, steep, and rocky, all at the same time. It was a slog to get up. We had already hiked over 12 kilometres at this point, so our legs were definitely feeling the burn. I kept my head down and my feet moving in small steps and (after a few false starts) I made it to the top! It was worth it 100 times over. They don’t call it Panorama Ridge for nothing. The views are gorgeous anywhere you look. Black Tusk to the side, Garibaldi Lake shining below, and gorgeous snow-capped peaks every other way you turn. I would do this hike again in a heartbeat.

Garibaldi Lake
Black Tusk
Hiking friends!

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