Hiking Elfin Lakes

A couple friends and I decided to use our Sunday to hike Elfin Lakes. We were a little worried about the snow that’s still on the mountains before we left, but a quick glance over of the #elfinlakes hashtag on Instagram showed us that it wasn’t too bad, so away we went!

All in all it took us about 2.5 hours each way. The first quarter or so of the trail was completely snow free and a pleasure to walk along. The next short section we encountered was a thin muddy trail, but again not daunting at all. And then after about an hour of hiking, we reached the snow! I had wondered how we were going to find our way without being able to see the trail, but the Park Rangers had let up giant orange posts along the trail pathway, so we just followed those. While we managed our way up the trail in hiking boots, I would bring micro-spikes if I did it again.

One of my favourite parts of the hike was running into the Whisky Jack’s at the first hut that is a little under half way up the trail. These small birds are very inquisitive and not at all afraid to fly up to you if they think you have a tasty treat for them. I held my hand out in a slightly cupped shape and a few of them flew over right away. It was a great photo opportunity!

The camping hut at the top
Ranger Station
Whisky Jack
Frozen lake and a storm brewing



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